Real estate documents required in a mortgage loan

If you have already made the decision to acquire a real estate with a credit, it is time that you know the requirements you need for that purpose. To help you, here are the real estate documents required in a mortgage loan

What are the real estate documents required in a mortgage loan?

Among the requirements that you must present when applying for a mortgage loan, are those related to real estate. These are:

Certificate of Real Estate Registration

Certificate of Real Estate Registration

Also known as CRI by its initials, the Real Estate Registration Certificate is a document issued by the Public Registries. Its function is to certify the following:

  • Description of the real estate, including its characteristics, such as land area and construction area.
  • The owner of the current home, as well as the previous owners.
  • The levies and charges that the property owns, that is, if there are demands on it, embargoes, leases, etc.
  • The titles that the property has pending registration, such as blockages, mortgages and transfers, etc.

This document certifies the parties involved in the purchase and sale operation that the property does not have legal impediments that prevent the change of ownership.

The same can be requested in the offices of the Public Registries, by any person who has any interest in the property. This procedure has a cost of 59 soles and takes about 5 business days from the date of submission of the application.

Affidavit of Self-Assessment

The Self-Assessment is a document that summarizes the formal process by which the value of the property involved in the mortgage loan is estimated. This value is called Total Self-Valuation Value, and is the tax base considered in some municipal taxes.

Proof of payment of the Property Tax paid for the entire current year

payment of income tax

The property tax is a municipal tax that generates all real estate, and it is necessary to present your respective payment receipt when applying for a mortgage loan

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