Does spending money make us happier?

It is an age-old question to look for in the past, just as we are looking for it today. What do you think – can we feel happy by spending money? Let’s look at it psychologically.

Therapy purchases


Shopping Therapy is a well-established term and the word “shopping” didn’t happen to happen there. On the contrary, there is a good reason. Many people visit shopping malls where they can spend money when they are sleeping. Even studies have confirmed that buying one two things for pleasure works well to lift mood.

Think about what you feel when you buy a new piece on yourself. Buying a new blouse, jacket or denim gives you more confidence and a good sense of self. Logically you feel better then. In short, no one can challenge the momentary sense of uplift and happiness we are experiencing at the moment. But that’s the smart thing – material purchases give us a sense of momentary or, if you like, momentary satisfaction. It is a fast-acting pill of happiness, but let’s not confuse it with a long-lasting sense of satisfaction and joy in life.

Spending should be about discretion


As with a lot of other things in life, spending should be about discretion. When we buy the desired thing, we will be happy at that moment. But when we do shopping for pleasure more often or even on a regular basis, the feeling of happiness will not always be the same.

Spending money on what we want is essential and basically harmless – new shoes, massage … But there must be a reason. The opposite is true – if you stubbornly deny even small material purchases to cheer up, even though you know they would make you happy, you will suffer. And of course this will not contribute to your overall feeling of happiness any more.

The joy of experience

The joy of experience

Spending money is as follows – and no matter if it is a piece of clothing, a new cell phone or a car – when we buy things with material value, the pleasure of newness fades away quickly, because the thing happens quickly to our everyday life.

One research has shown that spending on experiences such as vacation, dinner with friends, tickets to a football match or music festival will contribute to our long-term sense of happiness far more than things with material value. The feeling of happiness is then more permanent thanks to the social element – people are simply social creatures. When we share experiences with friends, family, or even strangers, it leads to unforgettable memories.

Time is a luxury item

The fact that experiences are the source of a long-lasting sense of happiness and satisfaction has also been written recently in an article on ABC. In addition, studies have shown that people also feel happier by saving time instead of buying things.

A team of scientists conducted an experiment in which people received $ 40 for two weeks. During the first week they had to do one physical purchase, for example, to buy a t-shirt. The second week, they had to spend the money on something that would save them time alone, for example, to hire someone to clean the house instead of doing it themselves. The results of the experiment showed that the participants felt happier when they themselves saved time than when they made the purchase themselves, as in the case of the T-shirt.

Yes, studies have confirmed what we already know – spending money really makes us feel good. ” Buying happiness for money is possible if you know how to spend it properly,” says Good Finance , professor of psychology at British Columbia University.

While studies have shown that the feeling of joy lasts longer if you invest in shared experiences, it is okay from time to time to find a quick solution to a bad mood or spasm in the form of shopping purchases – if that’s important to you.

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