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Only the first time E-Money credit is available with 0% up to 700 euros, repayable within 30 days. You do not need collateral or a statement from your employer to get a loan.

You can receive money in your account (within one bank) as early as 10 minutes after approval of the application. Examine your refund options. Borrow responsibly.

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You can apply for a payday loan direct lender online at 24 hours a day. 

The conditions for borrowing are simple:

  • have an account with a Latvian bank,
  • is a mobile phone,
  • there are no delinquent payments on the loan and no default
  • between the ages of 20 and 75.

E-Money Quick Credit is available to all residents of Latvia, including non-citizens who meet the requirements. If you have an account with the same bank as the company (see info on the side), you will be able to get money into your account faster. Note that money transfers are only made during business hours, as Latvian law does not allow you to lend money during night hours.

Upon receipt of your application, credit specialists will evaluate all available data. The news will be reviewed in the state-maintained electronic databases (SRS, SSIA). It will also look at information collected about you in private credit registers or debtors’ databases. Such an approach allows you to ensure that you have a comprehensive view of the customer’s ability and willingness to meet your debt obligations. Each application is evaluated individually, but by definition, such clients are considered risky.

Unlike other companies that set different credit limits for new and old customers, E-Money offers up to 425% with 0% for up to 30 days the first time. This is the maximum amount you can borrow, but it is more than enough when you need a small sum of money urgently. If you’re not convinced that this service is the best, you can compare the quick credit offers on the first page of Credit. Borrowing without interest can be done only once in one company and it is worth taking advantage of the opportunity to borrow at a discount. For the convenience of the customers, the borrowing process is made fast and very simple. E-Money checks all the information you need online and you don’t have to come to the corporate office.

How to repay the loan properly?

Be sure to pay attention to the credit repayment date on the contract. Don’t postpone money transfer to the last day, as it is quite possible that there may be a variety of unexpected problems at the last minute – no time, lost internet, forgotten internet banking access codes or some other reason. Although the fast credit is available in a customer-friendly way, the terms of the contract provide that the money must be repaid on time. Failure to do so shall entitle the company to default interest on default, but not more than 36% above the annual loan rate. In addition, late payment may result in the debtor being entered into debtors’ registers, which may subsequently make it difficult to borrow on favorable terms elsewhere. The costs of recovering a debt are usually borne by the debtor himself, which makes non-payment even less advantageous.

The best way to get your money back is to make a non-cash transfer using your online bank. It is fast and cheaper than using other options – pay from a bank or post office. If you choose to use the last two options, expect that the institution will charge you a fixed fee (a few euros). When making a repayment, the payment order must include the loan invoice number. Some E-Money customers use the option to repay their debt in installments. This can be done, but keep in mind that the full amount must, in any case, be repaid on time.

it is also possible to extend the loan for 30 days, paying 7.5% of the outstanding loan amount. The exact cost of a particular credit can be seen by each customer in their user profile. For example, if you want to postpone your $ 100 credit for 30 days, you will be charged $ 7.5. An extension of the loan term does not reduce the principal amount of the loan but allows you to obtain extra time to settle the obligation to the company. Customers who pull overtime may at some point realize that they have overpaid, even though they initially had an interest-free loan. To avoid these situations, be sure to consider your loan repayment options before borrowing.

How Much Does a Credit E-Money Pay?

  • First credit with 0% commission and no interest for up to 30 days.
  • When borrowing repeatedly, you pay a commission of 8.8% of the loan amount (per month). For example, if you take a 200 euro credit for 30 days, you would be charged a commission of 17.6 euros for using the service.
  • For the first time, the APR for an interest-free loan is 0%. For a repeat loan, the standard commission and the APRC are 179.03%.

Borrow responsibly

Before borrowing, carefully read the terms and conditions of your contract and consider how to repay your money on time. Most importantly, you can borrow up to 425 euros for the first time with no interest repayment up to 30 days.

If you do not need such a large loan, do not choose such a short term loan amount. Although E-Money is relatively generous, you will still have to pay back the money yourself. It is said that it is easy to borrow because it is foreign money, but you have to pay back and it is much harder. Be careful. Borrow responsibly.

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