This will cool your spending of summer money

If your family is like most others, your summer could be expensive. Whether you were traveling or staying at home frogs, money seemed to evaporate from your wallet over the summer. There has been an outdoor meal and family activities – there seemed to be no end to spending money.

Spend their money

Spend their money 

Nearly 22,000 households participated in Wilhelm Meister’s annual summer survey, which examines how consumers spend their money during the summer. This year, 26% of respondents thought they would spend more than last year, and 40% thought they would spend the same amount.

Hey waster

Hey waster

When asked what proportion of their monthly salary people were going to spend this summer, the answers showed that Norwegian respondents intended to spend 68.5% of their monthly salary, 67% of Latvians, 61.2% of Croatians and 60.3% of Mexicans.

Well, where do they spend their money? Our survey shows that domestic tourism (11.3%) was the most common item of expenditure, followed by summer fashion (10.7%) and social life such as travel, parties and restaurants (10%).

Those planning to travel said that 40% of their total summer budget would be invested in it. In fact, Germans said they spent 50.8% of their budget on tourism, Bulgarians 45.8%, Finns 41.1% and Poles 40.1%.

The best things in life are free

The truth is that summer doesn’t have to pay for the impossible. If you, like so many other families, have been out of your money this summer, the best way to cool down your consumption is to find fun and free (or almost free) things to see and do with your family.

First of all, instead of having all your meals at cafes or restaurants, make your home table Korean and full of your favorite meals, drinks and relax with the family.

Thus, at the beginning of the autumn, a day spent in nature is a well spent day. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything. Just head to the nearby forest and enjoy nature and its produce, such as berries and mushrooms.

Train are much cheaper than traveling abroad


Explore a nearby city or attraction. Day trips by car or train are much cheaper than traveling abroad. Most cities have free exhibitions on certain days and times. Search the local museums for information on free exhibitions. When planning a day trip, you may want to bring some snacks from home. This tip alone will save you property.

Regardless of your budget, the truth is that going to the movies is not cheap. In addition to tickets, movie theaters buy drinks and food, making them expensive to visit. For example, watch a movie  or dig out a traditional DVD movie and enjoy snacks, popcorn and soft drinks at home.

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